Leading on Opportunity Invites You: On the Table CLT 2019 On the Table Community Partners and Hosts Webinar/ Conference Call

Join us for our online webinar/ conference call on September 10th, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm. During this training, registered Community Partner organizations and individual hosts can watch and interact with the On the Table CLT Team as we demonstrate how to facilitate this year's framework for engagement. This webinar will be available online to view at your convenience on our website at onthetableclt.org until the October 23rd event!

As a participant, please complete the following next steps:

  • Confirm your participation as a Community Partner or Host by completing the form below. All Community Partners have the opportunity to have their organizational logo featured on our website and materials. Sponsorships are available as well.

  • Start sharing your participation with friends, co-workers and community members. Use the hashtags #OntheTableCLT and #OpportunityCLT, and refer them to onthetableclt.org. It's never too early to start generating buzz about this growing initiative!

  • Some of you may have an interest in hosting open tables in October. If you plan to do so, please share your plans with us at onthetableclt@gmail.com, especially with regard to time and place. We would love to discuss ideas that stem from these gatherings, and take some photos!

For any additional questions, please take a look at our FAQs or email us at onthetableclt@gmail.com.

Janeen Bryant