Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is On the Table CLT and why should I participate?
    • On the Table CLT, a community-wide civic engagement initiative, will bring over 6,500 Mecklenburg County residents together in small groups on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 to talk about ways to make our community more connected, dynamic, and opportunity-rich.

      Offered by Foundation for the Carolinas and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundations, On The Table CLT seeks to bring all voices to the table, focusing on a common theme specific to our community. We know that big ideas can spring from small gatherings and that people invest in what they help create. Your participation will help ensure these organic conversations include diverse voices from throughout the county.

  • How can I get involved?
    • There are many ways to be a part of On The Table CLT.  We are looking for organizations and individuals to serve as Hosts for gatherings throughout the county. Hosting is simpler than you think, and we’ve got resources to help. In addition, we are seeking Ambassadors to expand the reach of the initiative, and Volunteers to help leading up to and on the day of the event. To sign up for more information or to register as a Host, click here.

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  • What does a host need to do? What’s involved?
    • It’s really pretty simple: You determine a location for folks to meet on October 24, 2018, for a conversation to discuss the ways in which we can commit to fostering stronger communities – communities where opportunities grow, quality of life is enhanced, and diverse residents thrive and feel connected. You can have your breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks or other gathering wherever you want and serve whatever you like – from a home-cooked meal to a coffee shop meet-up, brown-bag luncheon, or picnic in the neighborhood park.

      We will provide more resources including a Host Kit, and we invite all interested Hosts to participate in our optional September 27 meeting and training.

  • Who do I invite?

    • The invite list is up to you. If you’re unsure, start with people you know – friends, family, colleagues and neighbors. You may consider reaching out to a larger community by co-hosting your event with a local congregation or nonprofit. Consider asking your guests to bring a friend, or invite people from your network that don’t already know each other.

  • What should an On the Table gathering look like?

    • Hosts are encouraged to be creative. Eight-to-twelve guests per table is ideal. On the Table CLT is about giving everyone a chance to speak and be heard. If you want to host a larger gathering, consider breaking into smaller groups and allowing time for each to discuss and report out to the larger group. And if you’re part of an organization or network that can host ten tables or more throughout the day, please consider partnering with On The Table CLT as a Partner.

  • What is expected of me during and after my On the Table gathering is over?

    • We look forward to hearing about the stories and commitments discussed at your gathering. We encourage all participants to share insights, photos and videos on social media throughout the day, using #OnTheTableCLT. At the conclusion of the On The Table CLT events on October 24, we’ll send every participant (hosts and guests) a short e-mail survey to learn more about their experiences and their commitments.

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