First Steps for On The Table CLT Hosts

Sample table from the August community training session

Tips to Get Started

On The Table can take place over breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any time in-between. Don’t forget to register your event!



The invite list is up to you. Start with people you know -- friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors -- or expand your circle.  Consider co-hosting your event with a local congregation or nonprofit, asking your guests to bring a friend, or inviting people from your network who don’t already know each other.

Eight to ten guests per table is ideal. On The Table CLT is about giving everyone a chance to speak and be heard. When hosting a larger gathering, consider breaking into smaller groups and allowing time for each to discuss and report out to the larger group.

Invite Diverse Participants

  • Tell your friends to bring someone you don’t already know

  • Partner with another community organization

  • Post a public meet-up on social media


We form our sense of community around places. Whether you’re hosting at a beloved park or in your office breakroom, know that you’re doing the important work of creating community around that space. Think about the history of where you’re meeting and how you can help your guests connect to the location or neighborhood’s past and future. Talk with your co-organizers about transportation and how you can break down barriers to people coming to your table.


  • Morning Coffee

  • Office brown-bag lunch

  • Home Cooked Meal with Neighbors and Friends

  • Shared Meal in a House of Faith

  • Cookout or Barbecue

  • Post-Rehearsal or Sports Practice Circle-Up


The fundamental theme of On The Table is helping people discover the value of relationships across their community. While we have suggestions in the sections that follow, use your event on October 23 toward whatever end you see best benefiting your community. Perhaps you want to merge your event with a pre-existing neighborhood initiative, or have ideas about supporting a local grocer, restaurant, or farmer on October 23. Whatever your ideas, we’re with you!

Lift Up Local Community

  • Use your gathering to support a local restaurant, grocer, or farmer

  • Merge your event with a pre-existing neighborhood or community initiative

  • Center your neighborhood’s history

    Deepen Dialogue

  • Share your Charlotte story with the group

  • Experience listening as action

  • Discuss ways to expand connections and opportunities for all of Charlotte

  • Ask each other, “What’s next?”

       Event Inspiration

Here are a few images and ideas from past years: